It’s only going to get colder, but don’t worry Boo, we got you! It’s never cold at Hustle and Flow! Hot and sweaty is our natural state! 

If you know Hustle and Flow, you know we are pretty consistent, but we do love change! The Hustlettes like to keep it spicy for you, providing lots of variety so you get the workout you crave and are pleasantly surprised when something new pops up.  

This fall we are adding some brand new ideas to the schedule. Leave it to Carla to be inspired by 70’s and 80’s aerobics to bring you Hustlercise, Aerobics for Ballers. It’s not your Grandma’s aerobics, but you may see the same outfits…

Sam has switched her Hot Core + Sculpt class to Mondays at 10am for the late morning crowd and added Buti Flow to Wednesday nights at 8:30pm for the late night flexers. Jamie is right there with her, offering The Yang Bang on Monday nights at 8:30pm. 

Flow Down with Louisa on Thursday nights in 5:30pm Vinyasa and then join her again on Sunday mornings for Flow for Inclusivity, a supportive class for people of color and their allies, for a deepening of the yoga practice, without the popular yoga culture stigma. 

Steph is still choreographing each month to bring you a fusion of Dancehall and Hip Hop that is nothing short of a sweaty dance fest and sometimes a comedy routine! Catch that class Tuesday nights at 7:15pm. If you like Dancehall Hip Hop you are sure to want to groove with Grace every Thursday night at 7pm for Contemporary Hip Hop. Grace's sharp movements combined with her fluidity are captivating to watch and exhilarating to dance along to.  

We’ve got all these and the classics too!

Hot Core and Sculpt Mondays 10am with Sam Rispoli

  • This just might be the most challenging ab workout you've ever experienced!         

The Yang Bang Monday 8:30pm  with Jamie Colpoys

  • You will sweat, you will burn, you will be sore and you will sleep like a champ!

Buti Flow Wednesday 8:30pm with Sam Rispoli

  • The same Buti goodness, but without the cardio explosion.

Flow Down Vinyasa Thursdays 5:30pm with Louisa Irele

  • Louisa's sequencing is on point as she leads you on a journey of the mind, body and spirit.

Hustlercise: Aerobics for Ballers Friday 6:30pm with Carla Hopkins starts 9/16

  • Here is your cardio dance class with hints of leotards and pelvic thrusts, lots of bounce muscle toning

Live Drum Buti Sunday 4pm with Carla Hopkins

  • Live Drum Buti is back to it original spot!

As always, keep an eye on the schedule so you don't miss your favorite classes!

Workshop Wonders

Tis’ the season for some exciting workshops and events. We have quite the line-up this fall and it’s gonna be fun AF!


Buti Glow with Sam Rispoli

Saturday, October 1st 7-8:15pm $20

Get your Buti on as you glow in the black light. 

Wear your best whites and neons so you can spot yourself in the mirror. We will provide glow markers if you want to decorate yourself.

It will be dark, but you’re going to glow into the night, with the bass bumping and booties shaking to the beats! Glow Buti has proven to be one of the most fun events we do. With the lights down low, feel the freedom in your hips!

Clara Porter of PAC Presents: Level 1 Self Defense Workshop for Adults

Saturday, October 16th 1-4pm $35 Suggested Donation *More if you can, Less if you can’t*

With the recent attacks on the streets of Portland and the unfortunate acts of harassment and violence in general, we are collaborating with Clara Porter to offer a few upcoming self-defense sessions. All are welcome! 

Our basic training offers adults the opportunity to raise their awareness, enhance safety skills, and gain inner confidence and outer strength.


We will explore issues through discussions and activities and take on every day troublesome interactions at work, home, and in the public, learning to set boundaries and de-escalate situations.


Physical self defense skills taught include strikes and grab defenses, are practical, effective, and fun and accessible to all regardless of physical conditioning or ability.

Shamanic Movement and Embodiment; Spirit Channeling 101 with Pia Louise Capaldi

Saturday, October 29th 10-12pm $35

Focusing on internal exploration and external expression, attendees will learn to develop a new understanding of their individual creative energy and process. This experience will inspire its participants to explore their own energetic language through guided shamanic journey, as well as carefully selected movement and dance exercises targeted to promote healthy energetic practices designed to influence everyday connection and interactions with others. In a supportive atmosphere, attendees will tactfully (and consciously) learn how to connect with spirit guides and tap into their own abundant energy reservoir in order to radiate a harmonious, energetic and abundant presence.

As always: if you are an Auto-pay Member you receive 20% off workshops!! Sign up in the studio, online or over the phone! 

What else will Autumn Bring?

We are always working to make your experience as awesome as possible! If you have any suggestions for classes, workshops or in general, please let us know!! 

Don’t forget, we do private parties, custom for you! 

Birthdays, Bachelorette Parties in Portland?? We do it all!

See you on the dancefloor & the mat!