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Hustle and Flow® Common Questions and Answers

Can I drop into any of the classes or is there a series?

Drop into any class, even dance classes. We do Choreography in one month segments/series in our dance classes, but we teach it like everyone is learning for the first time, though we do tend to move a little faster in the last week. 

How can I pay?

First and foremost we have a strict pay-for-class policy, whether it’s a drop in or on a pass, you must pay for the class. In the studio, we accept cash, check and credit card, but prefer cash…..Who Doesn’t? Please make an account at Punchpass and pay for classes online. You can sign up for classes ahead of time using the Mindbody Connect App.

I am a beginner, will I be ok?
You will be ok! No one expects you to bust out a handstand on your first day, but you will most likely surprise yourself and learn that, wow, you’re stronger than you thought or you catch on to choreography really quickly. It is up to you to listen to your body and get as intense as you want. You are allowed to chill in child’s pose to rest or do the moves to the best of your ability. In a yoga or dance class, talk to the instructor, ask questions or for help. It’s not the library, no need to be quiet. We will help you with modifications and guidance before, during or after class!
I don't look like the people in your pictures. Am I welcome?

Yes, you are. Please remember the people in our pictures have agreed to be photographed or videoed and know their pictures will be used for social media or promotion. Not everyone likes to be photographed, so even if you don’t see someone you identify with we are all here!

     “As a trans woman who has been studying at HnF for six months, you won’t find a more loving, accepting, and empowering space to learn and grow.” M.S.


How does the New Student Monthly Unlimited Pass work?

First and foremost, you must be a brand new student to use the pass. You can sign up anytime, online or before your first class, in the studio. Once you sign up you have 30 days to use your pass in an unlimited way, for all the classes (Not Workshops) on the schedule.

What should I wear?

Hustle and Flow® is not a “hot” studio, yes we have heat, but we are the ones who really get the temp up! You should wear comfortable clothing for the class you are going to. Yoga pants or shorts, tank top, t-shirt, sports bra, basketball shorts etc. Inside sneakers are recommended for Dance and Hustlercise classes.

We want you to feel comfortable and express yourself in what you choose to wear and we also want to be cognizant of the people around us. We are in a small space together and comfort levels differ. 

What is deemed appropriate is up to the teachers discretion. 

What do I need to bring?
Bring a water bottle and shoes if your class recommends it. We have towels and water, but we do run out of both on occasion. We have beginner mats that you can use for no charge, but if you are coming to a lot of classes it is worth the investment!
When should I arrive?

Arrive at the studio 10-15 minutes before class starts, to get settled and make sure you sign in with the teacher! 

Can I use one of my classes on my 5, 10 or 20 class pass for a workshop or Pole classes?

No, classes and workshops are totally separate. Pole also has a separate pricing system as well. Pole Drop in is $20 and a Pole 5 Class Pass is $90. You cannot use you New Student Pass for Pole either, however the $109 Membership does cover Pole classes!

Can I show up late?

Showing up to class late once in a while is understandable and if it’s between being five minutes late and not coming at all, please come!  Be respectful and quiet when you come. Please try not to be late, though. Please remember to see the instructor at the end of class to check in, regardless if you signed up online.

Can I stay after class and stretch?
If the instructor gives you the go-ahead then yes, however usually another class is coming right after and we want to respect the time of the next instructor and students coming in, so leaving when the class is over is appropriate.
Can I watch a class or bring my child to sit in the studio while I work out?

Nope. For the comfortability of all of our students, we don’t allow people to watch classes. We are an 18+ studio. Children are not permitted in class to participate or hang out during class, no exceptions. 

I signed up for class, but I can't come now, will I be charged?

Please cancel if you cannot come to class, this helps the instructors plan for class and it may also prevent you from being charged. We do require cancelation notifications from you, please see below!

To cancel a class, please log in to your Mind Body account via the Hustle and Flow® website or the Mind Body App to view your scheduled classes.

*Please do not send cancelation requests via Instagram, Facebook etc.  If you have trouble canceling call the studio. 


To avoid being charged for a Late Cancel or No-Show you are required to cancel within:

  • Pole & Non-Pole classes 6 hours 
  • Workshops        48 hours 



What are the Covid-19 updates?

If you feel sick please stay home. 

Please follow the CDC Covid guidelines for returnng to public spaces if you get Covid. 

If you have questions send an e-mail to stephanie@hustleflowstudio.com.

I will answer your questions and pop the answers up on this page.