155 Brackett Street, 3rd Floor, Portland, ME 04102

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Dance Classes at Hustle and Flow® in Portland, Maine



Hustle and Flow® offers eclectic, dynamic, and fun possibilities for your dance preferences. Do you like to strut in heels, whip your hair, whine your waist? We can accommodate you! Each instructor has acquired their style through years of practice, inspiration and dedication. Get to know our amazing instructors and check out the Schedule to find your dance class!

Hustle Feels

Heavily rooted in contemporary style, this choreographed class will also blend hip hop, modern, and other dance styles as well.
Each month we will dance to a different song and tap into a different feeling. No experience required. This class is all about emotional expression through dance allowing you a chance not only to try something new, but to experience the cathartic and blissful feeling of putting your heart and soul into movement.

Beat Drop Dance Fusion

This choreography class is a mixture of high energy dance moves, inspired by Hip Hop, Contemporary and West African Dance. We warm up, break down choreography, DANCE and cool down. Dance choreography changes monthly. You can drop into any class during the month. Some dance experience is helpful, but all levels welcome!

Hustle Heels

Dance Choreography in heels with elements of Contemporary, Lyrical and Hip Hop Dance and all the booty shaking and hair whips Hustle and Flow® is so well known for. Alyx will warm you up, take you across the floor, you’ll learn a combo and cool down!

*Heels recommended, but not required. Soft knee pads sometimes needed. All are welcome.

Slow Grind and Slow Grind Choreography

*Female Identified Persons Only

Slow Grind is a dance class experience designed to work your body as you whine your waist, arch your back, bump your booty and fire up your thighs. The lights will be low, the jams will be slow; think honey-sweet hip work ala- ‘Make Love In This Club’. There will be super, sultry, stripper-esque, floorwork (bring kneepads!). You will leave needing a shower and a smoke. Wear what you feel comfortable in, whether that be provocative or conservative.