155 Brackett Street, 3rd Floor, Portland, ME 04102

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Hustle and Flow®

With a wide variety of classes and workshops, Hustle and Flow® has a unique atmosphere and a very welcoming community. We’re an eclectic studio that fuses many aspects of fitness with self-expression. Colorful and vibrant walls, a beautiful mural, tall ceilings, and old wooden floors, this studio has a charm like no other in Portland. The instructors will inspire you to shake off and sweat away anything that isn’t bringing you joy and get connected with your genuine self.

We are an authentic team of dancers, movers, athletes, and yogis who invite YOU to come and find classes that are the perfect fit! Our classes will clear your mind and make you sway and sweat while providing the gift of true freedom through movement!

The instructors of Hustle and Flow® welcome you, regardless of gender identity, sexuality, body shape, size or skin color. We welcome you with respect, sensitivity and humility with our egos aside, knowing we all come from different places and backgrounds. We are open to feedback from our community to make sure we provide an inclusive atmosphere that ALL humans feel comfortable and have the most fun!!