155 Brackett Street, 3rd Floor, Portland, ME 04102

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Movement Instructors
At Hustle and Flow

At Hustle and Flow in Portland Maine’s West End, we celebrate many styles and all levels of dance, fitness and yoga with experienced instructors. From Abs and Assana to Slow Grind Dance Classes, we try to make every class we offer fun, exciting, sexy, and challenging. We recognize that every individual has a unique path to follow and every teacher has a unique gift to offer. Get to know our awesome instructors and don’t hesitate to ask them questions in class!

Stephanie Harmon

Owner, Instructor and Best Ass Boss
Dancehall Hip Hop | Hustlercise | Yang Bang | Yoga

Carla Hopkins

Studio Manager, Instructor, Most Practical and Best Body Roll
Slow Grind | Abs and Assana | Hustlercise | Yang Bang

Louisa Irele

Best at Being Zen While Working on Booty Gains
Yoga | Yang Bang

Jamie Colpoys

Best All Around Badass
Yang Bang | Hi-Vibes | Hustlercise

Graciela Raggiani

Most Likely to Make you Smile
Contemporary Hip Hop

Beto Guimaraes

Best Hip Shaker
Brazilian Beats Samba

Samantha Rispoli

Most Likely to Make you Laugh
Yang Bang | Booty Camp

Bianca Pastrana

Most Likely to Make it All Better with Crystals
Love Warrior Meditation

Stacie Archibald

Most Likely to Want to Paint You
Yang Bang | Yamuna Body Rolling

Naomi Cooper

Best Team Spirit
Sweet Cheeks

Tanya Grigsby

Best Mix Tape Skills
Yang Bang

Alyx Hannigan

Best Hair Whip
Hustle Heels | Contemporary Hip Hop

Liz Kovarsky

Best at Doing the Most Good
Bubbles and Flow | Power Flow | Hustlercise

Victoria Karol

Best Wordsmith
Contributing Writer | Student

Tiffanie Austin

Most likely to win Jeopardy
Bubblegum Dance Pop Remix