155 Brackett Street, 3rd Floor, Portland, ME 04102

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 Dance, Fitness, Yoga, Reiki and Pole Classes at Hustle and Flow®

Dance: Hustle and Flow® offers eclectic, dynamic, and fun dance possibilities like Dance Fusion, Hustle Heels, Pole Dance for beginners and intermediate and Contemporary Dance. We also offer workshops with guest teachers who bring more eclectic styles!  Check out our version of dance aerobics: Hustlercise. Hustlercise is an all cardio, dance-based aerobics class for people who love to move and groove! Get to know our amazing instructors and check out the dance schedule to find your class!

Fitness: The best thing about the fitness classes at Hustle and Flow® is that you will forget you are working out! We have cultivated a very special exercise experience. We go hard, there’s no doubt about that, but the amount of fun you will be having will distract you from the burn…most of the time. All classes are set to music to pump you up and get you energized. We like loud music and explicit lyrics, so don’t be surprised when you come to class!

Yoga: We offer custom Yoga flow classes, taught by experienced, welcoming instructors. Some of our class offerings are: High Vibes Yoga Flow and Meditation and Mindful Movement. Take a look at our class descriptions and yoga schedule to find the style and timing that best suits your needs. All levels are welcome.

Reiki: We now offer Reiki as a gentle yet powerful non-invasive healing technique which promotes well-being, relaxation, rest and healing in the body and mind. Reiki is a practice that guides itself through love and light through the divine and does no harm. Reiki experiences are safe and beneficial for all .

Pole: Become familiar with fundamental pole movements such as walking, turning, basic grip and hand placement, spins, and more. In Intro to Pole Tricks you will learn transitions, combinations, and tricks on spin/static pole, strength and conditioning exercises and fundamental moves such as climbing will provide you with the tools to build strength, control, and fluidity to take it to the next level in your pole journey!  The attire is simple; Booty Shorts and Sports Bra is all you need to wear and heels if you’re feeling saucy! Check out the Pole Policies! 

Come find us on the 3rd Floor of 155 Brackett Street in Portland Maine’s West End! Look over our class rates here. If you have any questions or would like directions or a monthly pass, don’t hesitate to contact us today!