155 Brackett Street, 3rd Floor, Portland, ME 04102

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Testimonials for Hustle and Flow®

Find out what our students think of our classes and instructors!

There aren’t enough stars to give or superlatives to lavish upon this special studio. It’s an open, friendly, easy-going community of people (both teachers and students) who care a lot about what they’re doing and put heart and soul into it, but don’t take themselves too seriously. Starting dance classes as an adult was an intimidating prospect, but not after I walked into Hustle and Flow. Right away I knew this was my place when we laughed as much as we danced and learned. It’s really special. Whether you’re looking for dance or any other kind of movement class they offer, you should give it a shot.

Maureen Wissman

Portland, Maine

This studio has allowed me to connect mind and body, showed me I can do more than I thought, and helped me to flow towards my own true mental and physical strength. A place for everyone, no matter where you are in your life, in your day; honored for your loud, your quiet and all things in between. I am completely grateful for this space and the people who were magnetized to teach here.”
Vanessa Lauren

Portland, Maine

My all time favorite place in Portland! I’ve never been anywhere with such a wide variety of classes, teachers, and students. Being new to dance as an adult is scary, but everyone at Hustle and Flow welcomed me right in. This place is perfect no matter what level of movement you are at. Perfect for beginners and experts! They have so many different dance, exercise and movement classes. A lot of something for everyone!

Competitive prices, beautiful space, and an amazing staff.

Mary Downs

Portland, Maine

Hustle and Flow classes are literally the most fun you can have while working out. Amazing instructors, great play lists, and a community that immediately makes you feel welcome. The workouts are challenging and I definitely leave sweaty, but somehow manage to keep a smile on my face the whole time. I really love this studio!

Steph Gagne

Portland, Maine

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