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Testimonials for Hustle and Flow®

Find out what our students think of our classes and instructors!

“We celebrated my sister’s bachelorette party with a private buti yoga class at Hustle and Flow®. None of us knew what to expect but we had so much fun laughing and sweating together! The ladies had thoughtfully set up champagne and light snacks for us after the class. It was a great way to kick off the weekend festivities! I loved the buti yoga class so much I went back later in the week for a candlelit class. Would definitely recommend Hustle and Flow.”

Nicole Evangelous Schlacter

Portland, Maine

This studio has allowed me to connect mind and body, showed me I can do more than I thought, and helped me to flow towards my own true mental and physical strength. A place for everyone, no matter where you are in your life, in your day; honored for your loud, your quiet and all things in between. I am completely grateful for this space and the people who were magnetized to teach here.”
Vanessa Lauren

Portland, Maine

“I seriously LOVE Hustle and Flow®! I love the varied vinyasa yogas, and the BUTI yoga is such a fun and unique way to get in some awesome cardio. There’s no judgement, everybody does their best and the atmosphere is always so welcoming.”

Gabriella Sturchio

Portland, Maine

“Hustle and Flow® is one of the most wonderful spaces that I have ever had the pleasure of being in. Entering a new yoga studio by yourself can be very intimidating, but every instructor (and student for that matter) is nothing but welcoming and warm. There is a wonderful energy and passion that thrives during class. It is the perfect balance of mind/body healing and strengthening your body. No matter which class I take, and there is a wide range so there is something for everyone, I always leave with an overwhelming sense of calm, happiness and inspiration that takes me through the rest of my day. A big “Thank you” to everyone that works there for always making me day that much better!”

Amy Danehower

Portland, Maine

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