155 Brackett Street, 3rd Floor, Portland, ME 04102

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Fitness at Hustle and Flow in Portland, Maine


The best thing about the fitness classes at Hustle and Flow is that you will forget you are working out! We have cultivated a very special exercise experience. We go hard, there’s no doubt about that, but the amount of fun you will be having will distract you from the burn…most of the time. All classes are set to music to pump you up and get you energized. We like loud music and explicit lyrics, so don’t be surprised when you come to class! Oh ya, just a little something else…You are never obligated to do what we are doing. Listen to your body, modify when you want and do your own thing. We are still moving together and that’s what’s important.

We encourage you to inform your instructor of any injuries or medically advised restrictions before class to ensure the highest level of safety and best experience in class.

Hustlercise Dance Cardio

Hustlercise is an addictive, hybrid fusion of dance and strength moves make for a fierce and wild workout. As usual, the music will be loud and energetic. Each Instructor who teaches Hustlercise has their own style and music taste, but all classes will be sure to leave you covered in sweat and satisfied with a workout well done!                                                     

Peachy Keen 

You will get fully worked and twerked after a cardio warm up, followed by a barre like format of ballet drills using a chair,  with leg lifts, supported curtsy lunges and many more chair assisted exercises. You will then use bands and or weights for optimal stretch and strengthening. You will learn isolations which will turn into a twerk tutorial with some freestyle movement. This class may also include mat work, ankle weights, and stretch.

 Shakti Shift

Shakti Shift is fluid in its movements while building core strength, flexibility, and stability. This class moves along to powerful music in a playful way that is both challenging and accessible, using breath work and movement purposefully and intentionally.  Shakti Shift infuses Vinyasa flow, Pilates and dance. While it is challenging in nature, it is a low impact workout.

Tramp Cardio & Strength

This dance cardio and sculpting fusion class combines simple choreography to increase heart rate and make you sweat with the low impact benefits of the trampoline.

Build strength with dynamic movements on and off the tramp focusing on different muscle groups each class. Enjoy class set to the fire jams you can expect from Hustle and Flow.