155 Brackett Street, 3rd Floor, Portland, ME 04102

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Fitness at Hustle and Flow® in Portland, Maine

The best thing about the fitness classes at Hustle and Flow® is that you will forget you are working out! We have cultivated a very special exercise experience. We go hard, there’s no doubt about that, but the amount of fun you will be having will distract you from the burn…most of the time. All classes are set to music to pump you up and get you energized. We like loud music and explicit lyrics, so don’t be surprised when you come to class!


This collaboratively created class was developed by the Hustle and Flow® Instructors. Hustlercise is an addictive, easy-to-follow, dance-infused fitness class. With a high cardio series of simple, fun, repetitive sequences to get your heart rate up.

This hybrid fusion of dance and strength moves make for a fierce and wild workout. As usual, the music will be loud and energetic. Each Instructor who teaches Hustlercise has their own style and music taste, but all classes will be sure to leave you covered in sweat and satisfied with a workout well done!

Studio sneakers or bare feet. No mat needed.

Ass Class

Incorporating Pilates movements and dance isolations, this class targets the glutes and core. You will engage these muscles through twists, lunges, squats and creative cardio and strength moves, ending with a full body stretch sequence.

This is a mat class.


SheBang is a dynamic, fun and effective, all-encompassing workout experience. This class is designed to use effective athletic conditioning exercises and creative dance and yogic sequencing in a fluid and rhythmic flow. Creative cardio and strength intervals are infused with dance inspired isolations to bring the whole SheBang to your workout! 

Each class will be as unique as the teacher who leads it.

Collaboratively created by the Hustle and Flow® Instructors and developed by Jamie Colpoys. This is a mat class. No shoes needed.

Hustle Muscle

Hustlercise meets HIIT! Cardio and strength with an emphasis on abs and glutes, working them, growing them and getting sweaty while doing it! We will use weights, bands, mats and other props. You choose how much you Hustle and Flow!

Booty Camp

This Booty Camp class taps into your inner and outer strength, agility, balance and flexibility. Empower yourself in this dynamic high energy cardio, strength and awareness class. This continuously flowing workout engages both the mind and the body leaving you feeling balanced, connected, and fierce. This class does incorporate mats.