155 Brackett Street, 3rd Floor, Portland, ME 04102

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Yoga and Yamuna® Classes at Hustle and Flow® in Portland, Maine

Yoga is much more than the poses we do. It is a process and practice of self-love, surrender, humility, and understanding that is cultivated on your mat and most importantly is integrated into your life! Yoga is an ancient healing practice that will transform your body, mind and your whole way of being, doing and perceiving!

Hi-Vibes Flow

In this 60 minute class, we will flow through asana while incorporating three powerful mediums of vibrational healing: light, sound and plant medicine. Hi-Vibes Flow is an all-level yoga class that works with your senses to align the Chakras, raise your vibration, and develop a fluid connection between spirit and form. The integration of colorful lighting, music and plant oils in every class will essentially act like a tuning fork to focus our intention and guide our practice. In true Hustle and Flow® style, the playlist will be fun, the flow will be creative, and the vibes will be up-lifting.

*Come as you are. If you choose to imbibe before class to add to the experience of this multi-sensory yoga flow, feel free. Class is 21+

Power Flow

Our Power Flow is an energizing, strength building, mind clearing, full body Yoga experience!   A strength building, sweat-inducing, full stretch flow set to a funky playlist.

Yamuna® Body Rolling

YBR is a toning and restorative fitness program that simply yet systematically stimulates the body from the inside out working on bone, fascia, tendon and muscle. Through guided, specific routines you learn to use 4-9 inch balls and your own body to free yourself from restrictions due to tightness, misalignments and old injuries.
What to expect:

-A relaxing and supportive atmosphere through a guided class (instructor participates too)
-We provide balls for beginners (limited)
-Being empowered to control the pace and intensity of your own practice
-Hands-on support from the instructor if you wish
-Like a massage, YBR can have a detoxifying effect