Welcome to week six of our Hustle and Flow Teacher Spotlights! This week we take a fantastic journey out of the realm of movement and into the realm of meditation with Hustle and Flow’s Love Warrior Meditation guide Bianca! Bianca’s powerful, soul-expanding sound healing meditations leave you feeling rejuvenated, curious and confident.

You can also find Bianca offering her energetic healing through her personal practice Soaring Phoenix Power Center, and at various healing events throughout the Portland area.

Find out more about Bianca’s style and influences, and check out Love Warrior Meditation on Wednesdays at 12pm!

Teacher Spotlight: Bianca Pastrana

Teaches: Love Warrior Meditation

How did you come to teach at Hustle and Flow?

I was deep in meditation late one night when a vision came to me… I was alone in the great expanse I refer to as “the womb-space of potentialities” listening to the sound of my own heartbeat and watching each conceivable line play in the infinite span around me when suddenly there was a flash of multicolored light and spirals of energy circling all around me. I watched as the spirals became torsos of women dancing in unison to an inaudible rhythm. These beings, femme beings, were thundering and laughing movement through their legs and arms and whipping their hips and shoulders like waves on the ocean in a torrent of focused passion. I was entranced. As it continued the dancers faded away one by one until there was only a pattern of red brick and the word HUSTLE.

It was then I knew I would one day teach at Hustle and Flow.

What informs your movement practice, what influences do you consider key to your practice?

So much. Mostly doing all the things most new age people and sites say I shouldn’t…
Galactic Beings from beyond Beyond… The Telluric realm… The Dark Mother… strange books filled with arcane symbols and encounters with mad women under subway stairs in my dreams… The brilliance of loving my self and feeling this love reflected back to me when I least expect it… The self loathing and loneliness I have befriended and christened with hope tears on the floor in a basement… the wounds inflicted by lovers that I licked into hard tissue scars that aren’t visible to the human eye but can be felt and read like braille with the fingertips of the heart… the tragedy of experiencing and rise from assault… seeing the immense and expansive beauty in women who do not see it in themselves… the trees and their slow stories… the rocks and their pregnant stillness… looking into mirrors that others have looked into while attempting to perfect faces that are already made in the image of the Divine… the sound of my training partner’s heart beat as I placed my head on the center of her chest to pull her into an arm lock and accidentally hear one single yet incredibly powerful pulse before moving again… sun bleached bird bones on rail road tracks in Texas… wind songs… snow angels after a fierce blizzard… Archetypes and their potentially dangerous opinions… the conundrum of loving animals and wanting to eat them… the fractals of duality that spread into nothingness… and the eternal question, if I could only have one, would I want a Unicorn or a Pegasus?

What do you do to prepare for class?

I ask Aza while getting ready in the morning…Sometimes they inform me before I get to Hustle. But mostly I get the info as I’m speaking to the students who are in attendance… It really often depends on who shows up… I am a conscious channel, so I plug into the guides in the room and they lead the way, for the most part…

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your classes – what can we expect when we’re in the room with you, what do you hope for us to take away from your class, or what kind of music or movements are you into right now? Or anything else you’d like to tell us about your life, hobbies or interests!

What can you expect when you’re in class with me:


Just kidding.

Honesty is about who I am and who you are. Every meditation is different. The only constant is the vocal toning/chanting and the bowls. One day you’ll ride a unicorn across time and space to meet your galactic family. Another you’ll stand in a field harnessing storm energy as it passes overhead in real life to use as a tool to bolster your self-confidence and personal power. I never know…

Those in attendance are invited to show up as they are. You are invited to cry. To be vulnerable. To hate it and resist. You are invited to be held in acceptance and understanding that human life is fucking hard. And you are asked to recognize and celebrate that you are a bad-ass just for showing up every day, whether you feel gorgeous and confident or ugly and fearful… I understand. This is a challenge most of the time. And that is why I teach this class. Cause we all need a little reminder sometimes that we contain beauty and mystery and darkness and light. We all need a reminder that we are loved. Loved and appreciated. Especially when we feel lonely and unattractive and misunderstood.

About me…

Renegade warrior for the Galactic Federation, Code Names: Soaring Phoenix, Tiger Bomb, Lady of Darkness and Light, La Bruja Maldita, Lady B

Officer/Facilitator/Illuminator in the Family of Light

Galactic Bruja

If I had a band it would be called “Kitties go Ka-BOOM”

I still have a baby tooth (its a galactic implant)

I’m interested in cultivating love for my self and teaching others to do the same. When we love the most unlovable parts of self completely then we can begin to receive love in it’s truest form and offer this same unconditional love to those around us.

Check out the schedule and join Bianca at a Love Warrior Meditation this week – we’ll see you in the orange room soon!