Merry Christmas, friends! Whether you celebrate the upcoming holiday or not, there’s one thing upon which we can all agree: giving and getting gifts is a great endeavor that makes us all feel good!

Gifts come in many forms, and you can give wonderful gifts during the holiday season that don’t cost money. But if you have a budget to work with, pinning down the perfect gift for the people in your life is so satisfying.

Around the Hustle and Flow studio, you might hear the instructors or your classmates refer to you or each other as a “Hustlette.” A Hustlette is any person who enjoys movement and has shown up for a class at Hustle and Flow. It’s a term of endearment!

Hustle and Flow students tend to have a lot in common, and often exhibit some curious habits that spread amongst those who come to the studio often…

And so in honor of the holiday gift-giving season, we’ve put together a gift guide for your favorite Hustlette, or anyone who is considering coming to the studio for the first time! Perhaps one of the following would be a good stocking stuffer to complement a Hustle and Flow gift certificate? Just sayin’! Let’s dig in!

A Big Bag of Epsom Salt

The Hustlette in your life might be sore… a lot. Possibly all the time. That’s because they are working hard in class, moving and sweating and honoring their body by pushing themselves through a great dance or workout. One of the greatest and most comforting remedies for sore muscles is soaking in a bath of Epsom salt. So why not get your Hustlette a 10 pound bag of epsom salt, and maybe a bottle of lovely relaxing essential oil to add to their bath? Their muscles will thank you, and as we all know, a relaxed friend is a happy friend who will stand on line with you at the mall while you’re returning gifts after the holidays are over!

Wacky Yoga Mats

Hustle and Flow provides yoga mats for students to use free of charge at Yang Bang, Abs and Assana and our other yoga-influenced movement classes, but some students prefer to bring their own. In honor of The Last Jedi coming out this month, why not get your Hustlette this hilarious Han Solo frozen in carbonite yoga mat? If your pal is more of a The Big Lebowski fan, perhaps this rug-printed yoga mat would do the trick to really tie the room together. Fans of more classic movies might enjoy this giant octopus mat so they can relive their favorite scene from Clash of the Titans and yell “Release the Kraken!” whenever they roll their mat out at class.

Sturdy Dancing Heels

Does your Hustlette follow Yanis Marshall on Instagram? Do you catch her watching Youtube trying to copy Queen Bey’s stage walk? It sounds like your pal is a fan of Hustle and Flow’s Hustle Heels class. There are all kinds of heels to dance in, from classic jazz heels to stiletto ankle boots. If you want to bypass a gift certificate for a favored shoe store and select a gift pair yourself, make sure you look for rubber soles, sturdy heels and support along the bridge and/or ankle of the foot. Happy shoe hunting!

Knee Pads

We all have that friend who can’t get enough of her slow jams and sensual tunes… or maybe that friend is you! They’re all over there with their Demi Lovato and Migos and whatnot, and you’re over here listening to Ginuwine’s “Pony” for like the tenth time already today and it’s not even lunchtime yet. For your favorite Hustlette who is all about Carla’s Slow Grind class – a combination of undulating and feminine movement with floor work and dance moves to enhance core strength and flexibility – a pair of sweet knee pads is the perfect gift! Your pal will be rolling around on the floor with new confidence knowing that even her most intense floor work won’t knock her kneecaps around.

Fun Yoga Pants

You can wear whatever you want to class at Hustle and Flow, but some inspiring yoga pants for a morning Hustlercise class are a great way to put some spring in your step on a cold winter morning. For you avocado toast-loving millennials, how about a pair of these delightful avocado yoga pants? These palm tree yoga pants would be fun to get through the winter doldrums and keep you thinking about warm weather. Our favorite though? These Purple Haze leggings – wear them to High Vibes!

State Park or National Park Pass

A lot of folks who enjoy classes at Hustle and Flow also enjoy outdoor activities, and if your Hustlette is usually in the circle at Bianca’s Love Warrior Meditation, a great gift might be a Maine State Park or National Park annual pass. Walking in the woods is a great way to de-stress and focus your mind on doing some inner work that might not come as easily in an urban or high-stress setting. A great gift to keep everyone sane around the Christmas dinner table!

Retro High Tops

Personal style is fun to play with when you’re dancing, from the swing skirts and saddle shoes of Lindy Hop to Jennifer Lopez’s velvet booty shorts from her days on In Living Color in the 90’s. If your favorite Hustlette enjoys Hip Hop Dancehall or Contemporary Hip Hop classes, kick ass gear is a great gift idea. Retro hi tops to hearken back to the halcyon days of classic hip hop culture would definitely thrill the pop-and-locker in all of us. Check out these awesome metallic pink Reeboks or find something that would fit your dancing pal’s favorite style.


The last – and best – gift idea we can think of for your Hustle and Flow friends? A set of tiles to prevent lost water bottles, sweaters, bags and all the other lost and found stuff left in the studio! Hustle and Flow’s orphaned water bottle collection grows every day! Tiles are little gadgets that can be stuck to the side of your water bottle so you can locate it with an app on your phone when you’re headed out to work and can’t figure out where your favorite Nalgene got off to. You’d be helping your pal hang on to hydration, and helping Hustle and Flow use less shelf space to store abandoned water bottles – win/win!

No matter what you choose to give your friends and family this year, Hustle and Flow is here for you!  The studio is open on Christmas eve for Ho Ho Hustlercize at 9 am, and then closed on Christmas day. The studio will be open again on Tuesday, December 26th for all regular classes. Have a fantastic holiday and we’ll see you in the orange room soon!