Hi everybody, Happy New Year from Hustle and Flow! How did the holidays leave you? Refreshed? Exhausted? COLD?

Regular Hustlettes may have noticed a few changes to class times, lengths and class names. The new year is a great time to welcome in the new and bid a fond farewell to the old. This week I’m passing the mic to Steph and Carla to talk a little bit about the changes and what to expect going forward at Hustle and Flow in 2018.

And remember, signing up at Mind Body online – via the app or the website – is the best way to know if classes have been canceled due to snow, or if a class time or day has changed as we all settle into the new schedule. So definitely peep the class schedule, but also remember to sign up before class at Mind Body Online!

From Steph

“Going into the fourth year of Hustle and Flow I am moved beyond belief that such a special space keeps growing and evolving. The teachers and I have worked tirelessly to cultivate what we think is the perfect mix of movement, as expressed in our schedule. We offer something for everyone looking to explore new terrain in their fitness, dance or yoga practices.

As always, we continually work and rework ideas, listen to our students, inspire each other and often come up with some really wacky ideas! Some of our ideas work and others fall by the wayside, but that’s how we grow.

In 2018 we’ll challenge ourselves, but be sure to set attainable goals, while not putting pressure on each other to do more than we can. We’ll fine-tune what is working, add more of what students love, update our website to make it easier for you to use and we’ll work on our strengths.

The classes we will be offering in 2018 are mostly our own creations. We’re not reinventing the wheel, but we know what combinations work together. We work best with fusion, the synthesis of strength and stretch, shake and bounce, squat and lunge.

Check out our class descriptions and come try something new!

I invite all of you to join us either on the mat or the dance floor! See you there!”

From Carla

“The new year is here and we are so excited for the changes taking place at Hustle and Flow. This studio is like a living entity, it has grown and gone through many transitions over the years as its identity has evolved. Just like its students, HnF has experienced both successes and some washouts in this process of growth. With it all, greater self-awareness has been gained.

This year in particular has taught us that above all, we must remain true to ourselves. This is one of the reasons why we’ve chosen to move away from Buti going forward.

For those of you who have been a part of the HnF community for years, you know that we choose creativity and ingenuity over popularity any day. The special humans that are drawn to this studio question the status quo. We are rebels, and we stand up for ourselves and for others.

When something no longer fits, it can be difficult to be honest about it and let go. It takes bravery to step away from that with which we are comfortable when it is no longer serving our community in the way it once did. It’s with this bravery in mind that we take a leap of faith into 2018.

Although we have had many amazing and positive experiences teaching Buti, it is time for us to release and evolve.

Continue the awakening

We’ve learned over the years that we must take action when we find that we’ve contributed to systems of oppression. We must continue to learn about and become awakened to the many ways that we have been conditioned to cede control to others and mistrust ourselves.

We are particularly aware of the damage that cultural messages about women’s bodies can have on women, and how this negative messaging specifically targets and affects women of color in ways that deserve our full attention. Furthermore, the unique challenges surrounding body image that our LGBTQ+ friends and family face in our society deserve our advocacy and action.

We must create a safe space for all.

We must take responsibility for our own healing.

We must be dedicated on all fronts to living a culture that embraces all bodies.

The new year is all about staying true.

It is our goal to offer classes that uphold the intention of cultivating body positivity, inclusivity, and originality. Our classes emanate from our own individual experiences while paying homage to the teachers, cultures, and methods by which they are influenced. It is our objective to honor the diverse movement lineages before us while allowing new creations to come through us. As you have experienced within these walls, we have developed several successful signature classes at HnF that are the result of becoming attuned to this community.

With that said, in 2018 we will have more of the classes that you have been asking for!

More Hustlercise, Yang Bang, and Abs & ASSana!

We’re proud that we’re headed into 2018 with the same great team that has characterized so much of what makes Hustle and Flow a special place. The feedback we’ve often heard is that our students join us for the teachers and community that make Hustle and Flow what it is. Not for a brand, not for our image, not for false promises…you come to us for us as individuals, for what we create as a team and for what we share of ourselves.

In 2018, we are bringing you more of us…and we want you to bring you, exactly how and who you are. We don’t want to change you, we want to move you.”

Thank you for everything from Steph, Carla and all of the teachers at Hustle and Flow! We can’t wait to see you in the orange room in 2018!