Hustle and Flow Namastizzle Series

Hustle and Flow exists for and because of our amazing students.  The community of talented, fun, enthusiastic folks makes our studio the place it is, a hidden gem in Portland, Maine's West End, filled with great energy, upbeat music and lots of movement. The Namastizzle Series came to be so we could showcase our intriguing group of Hustle and Flow-ers. From writers to doctors, hair stylists to musicians we have an eclectic crew that gathers and connects through the power of Buti, Yoga and Dance.  Every week we are delighted to see new faces and meet more of the fascinating people from the community and abroad!

Here are a few of the students we've highlighted so far. Read on to get to know them a little better, and if you'd like to share a bit of your story here, don't hesitate to email Steph at, or just drop in to a Buti, Yoga or Dance class and let her know yourself!


Cayce Lannon

"I fell in love with this unique studio back when it was still Bhakti in Motion and owned by Kara Seymour. I purchased a Groupon for Buti Yoga classes, but I wasn't quite sure what that was. After just one class with Carla Delaney, I was hooked!!

Since then, I've gotten to know Steph Harmon, the new owner of Hustle and Flow, very well. Her vision for the studio is a fun and spiritually fulfilling place where everyone feels welcome.

Steph's love of yoga and dance is apparent in her skillful teaching. She's up there giving it her all, singing, shakin' her groove thing and having a blast! Her enthusiasm is contagious. I love Hustle and Flow!"

Note From Steph:

"We love having Cayce in class! She is fun, sweet, silly and one heck of yogi. Cayce is the founder of Maine Yoga Kids and in the summertime you can catch a ride with her on a pedicab!"

Cayce Lannon's Maine Yoga Kids Facebook Page

Ashley-Lafreniere-hustle-and-flow-portland-yogaAshley Lafreniere

"My name is Ashley Lafreniere and I'm a 26 year old waitress. I spend most of my time cooking, and then eating what I cook, food plays a big role in my life. I love traveling and learning about new cultures and languages because it gives me new insights about myself. I just joined Hustle and Flow about a month and half ago in an effort to reconnect with yoga, something I used to very much enjoy doing on my own but sort of forgot about for a while.

It took one class (Buti with Carla) to reignite my interest, and now I try to make it to a variety of classes each week. I like to get my sweat on, and I love to dance (despite my lack of any coordination) so I definitely enjoy the Buti and Hustle classes, but the instructor that really keeps me coming on repeat is Liz. Her Vinyasa classes are amazing.  I'm attempting poses that I've never even thought of trying on my own, and I never question my ability to do so. She instills confidence. I can't wait to keep getting stronger and gain more understanding of what my body can do.  Thanks gals!"

Note From Steph:
"Ashley is bundle of sweet energy! Friendly and up for whatever we throw her way! A perfect combination. Thanks for your support Ashley!"

Stephanie-Gagne-hustle-and-flow-portland-yogaStephanie Gagne

"Hustle and Flow classes are so much more than just a workout; they’re a complete mind/body experience. It doesn’t matter if I’m taking Buti, HipHop or Yoga, I leave every class with my senses awakened, and body parts that were once stiff and blocked becoming open and flexible. My favorite part of any class is the moment when I think I can’t work any harder, and I’m soaked in sweat, and my muscles are fatigued, and I catch my reflection in the mirror and I’m SMILING. Yes, smiling because I’ve pushed myself farther than I ever thought I could with the guidance of Steph, Carla, Liz, Jamie and Julia.

After each class I depart feeling stronger, lighter and more connected to the beautiful people I practice with and more connected to the beautiful people I share the world with. Each instructor inspires and motivates me far beyond the four walls of the studio, and for that I am grateful. Thank you Hustle and Flow for your ability to keep me wanting more, and for the lovely and amazing people that you attract. Namastizz!"

Note From Steph:
"When I see Steph rocking out in my class she motivates me to go harder, because I can see the freedom in her moves and I want it to spread throughout the room so everyone can experience it."


Rani Williamson

"I am mom to a sweet two year old girl Finley Grace and am graduating in May with my Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

I was dragged to my first Hustle and Flow Buti class by a friend. I was immediately hooked. Buti is exactly was I didn't know was missing from my life until I found it. It energizes and replenishes my mind, body and spirit. I feel stronger from the inside out. Thank you Hustle and Flow Buti Warrior Goddesses!"

Note From Steph:

"Sometimes we are dragged into classes or situations that we aren't prepared for and they end up being just what we needed! We are so happy you found us!! And thank you for bringing your friends too! You are so lovely! We love buti-ing with you!!"


Genevieve Cox

"Why I love Hustle and Flow: I like yoga, but as a former dancer it has never fully fulfilled the part of me that liked to groove and feel creative in my practice.

Buti and Yoga at Hustle and Flow is fun and engaging; set to music that makes me want to move.

Each class is different, so it doesn't feel like exercise (although I actually sweat, as opposed to most types of yoga). And it feels like being funky and creative in my body."

Note From Steph:

"Genevieve taught some kick ass contemporary dance classes at Hustle and Flow and she continues to share her slick moves with us on the weekly. She is so funny, always smiling and such a joy to Buti with!"


Sophie Trede

"Hustle & Flow is so much more than a yoga studio. It is a community and within the walls of their humble and unassuming space, some major magic happens. Whenever I try to describe Buti to friends, I start by saying "it's a fusion of yoga and tribal dance and hip hop…" but I give up because words don't do the awesomeness of it all justice. I just end up telling them "It's revolutionary, get yourself to 155 Brackett!

There should seriously be a disclaimer when you sign up warning that you will become hooked on the energy and buti-kicking that each class offers. The teachers are incredible and empowering and there's a diversity of classes to satisfy every need. I will stop now before this becomes a sappy love letter but I am forever grateful for this gem of a space in which to stretch, strengthen, drop it to the flo' (ain't nobody gotta know) and most of all, play til the sweat falls off."

Note From Steph:

"Sophie is one of our newest Buti Warriors, she's also a kickass dancer and one hell of a strong woman, she brings bright energy into the studio and shares it with the rest of us. Sophie has been so fun to sweat with. She is now off on a new adventure in Budapest where she is attending Medical School."


Amy Gallant

"I love buti yoga at Hustle and Flow. It's great cross training for the Tri for a Cure. When I leave class I feel happy and sweaty and strong.

I'm the Advocacy Director for AARP Maine and was the Advocacy Coordinator for Preble Street for many years. Maine politics is a little crazy these days, and Hustle and Flow is the best stress relief after a day at the State House.

My favorite teachers are Stephanie, Julia and Jamie. I love being in class with inspiring women who are fit and strong and leaving it all on the mat."

Note From Steph:

"I can see Amy getting stronger each class she takes, it's amazing to watch! She's another inspiring and empowered woman in our community, advocating for well being! We are overjoyed to have her as part of our Hustle and Flow Family!!"


Valerie Pinilla

"Hustle and Flow is a great yoga studio that I found during my short stay in Portland. My favorite class was Buti yoga of course! They have a beautiful space and very talented instructors. I wish I was in town longer so that I could attend more classes!"

Note From Steph:

"Though we only had a short time to get to know Valerie, there's no doubt that she is an empowered woman and one hell of an actress!"

Find Valerie at: &


Sarah Kotzur

Sarah has been a huge supporter of Hustle and Flow, with her passion for health and wellness, she has come to the studio in full force, trying every class and finding which ones make her heart sing!

Sarah Kotzur is a local Naturopathic doctor who loves Buti because it gets her up from her desk, where she works as a holistic family practice doctor in Portland.

Note From Steph:

"We are so happy to have you as a part of our Hustle Family!

Sarah just wrote 'The Vitality Prescription', self-paced lifestyle makeover for better energy, a must read!

Find out more about Sarah here: 

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