Here’s a Little Gift From Us to You, Portland!

This Free Open House Event is all about trying new things, whether you’re a Yoga newbie or a seasoned Yogi, we’d love to see you!


You and your friends!


Come to Hustle and Flow to sample a few of our fun Yoga and Buti classes, enjoy some light refreshments, and meet some fellow awesome Portlanders in the process!


Saturday, September 20th, 1pm-4pm


Hustle and Flow

155 Brackett Street, 3rd Floor

Portland, Maine

Here’s the Open House Schedule:

1-1:30 Kids Yoga with Cayce Lannon of Maine Yoga Kids: The aim of Cayce’s classes is to introduce children to yoga in a fun and engaging way where everyone can find success. Their playful classes include physical yoga poses (asana), breathwork (pranayama), mindfulness exercises, singing, creative movement, art, imaginative play, and always end with a nice, relaxing rest time. By practicing all aspects of yoga in a fun and joyful manner, they hope to give children the tools they need for cultivating wellness in their everyday lives.

1:30-2 Power Yoga with Jaime Colpoys: Jamie guides you through an intense vinyasa flow that awakens strength of the mind and body, and works to deepen the connection of both, to earth and spirit.

2-2:30 Thriving Through Transitions with Elisa Boxer: We’re all in the process of letting go of old fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs… This gentle yoga class will help you reclaim your power and unfold into the fullest expression of YOU. Come build strength and flexibility of body and mind with yoga postures, meditation and chakra work for grounding and healing. Whether you’re going through a major life change or a series of seemingly small transformations, you’ll be supported to gently release what is holding you back and open up to the joys of your next chapter!

2:30-3 Intro to Yoga with Jennie Hastings: This class is designed for students who know they would benefit from yoga but don’t know where to start. This class will give you all the mind-body benefits of a more vigorous class without wiping you out. We practice basic yoga asanas (poses), guided meditation, and pay particular attention to breath, posture, and sound. *Perfect for beginners!

3-3:30 Dynamic Flow Vinyasa with Liz Stockbridge: This Anusara Inspired yoga class utilizes precise alignment, meditation, and pranayam (breath work) to cultivate changes and shifts in the inner body. With an expansive inner body, and a strong, healthy outer body, nothing can stop you!

3:30-4 Juci Buti Yoga with Carla Delaney: Unleash your sensual life force! Awaken your power center! Strengthen and stretch your entire body with this mindful fusion flow. Buti yoga combines a body lengthening, vinyasa-style yoga flow with tribal dance and explosive plyometric exercises to maximize strengthening of the body. Fueled by an exciting and varied mix of music that makes you want to let lose, Buti is designed to get your energy flowing. You will sweat with intention while exploring the natural ways your body responds to the rhythm.

For more information, call Hustle and Flow at 207-632-4789 or email

We’d love to see you there!