Buti Training at Hustle and Flow

Are you interested in teaching a high-energy, empowering, effective and fun class that women all over the globe are rapidly gravitating towards?

BUTI Yoga is a combination of Tribal Dance, Plyometrics and a Vinyasa Yoga. It combines heart-pounding cardio dance moves (no repetitive choreography) taken from a wide variety of dance genres, explosive strength sequences and mixes them with traditional, yoga postures culminating into a continuous, creative flow.

The movements are driven by the music and the class moves together as a tribe, each expressing their own unique bodily interpretation. You sweat through hip and heart openers, you work your legs and buti, your abs will never look the same!

BUTI is designed to engage the core in ways that may be new to many people, but are natural, primal and deeply feminine. Utilizing the concept of the Spiral Structure, Buti will transform you from the inside out!

Bizzie Gold~Buti Yoga Founder

Bizzie Gold, RYT and creator of Buti, came from a varied athletic background. This included competitive athletics such as downhill skiing, bodybuilding and muay thai kick-boxing.  Fuse that with her skills as a dancer and extensive yoga training, and you have one, amazing, powerhouse that has been inspiring and motivating women worldwide!  She designed the Spiral Structure drawing from traditional yogic cleansing techniques, or kriyas, combined with movements taken from a vast array of ancient women’s dance movements that call for intense and specific activation and isolation of each individual muscle in the core.

“We approach toning the core using a spiral instead of linearly, we see the interplay between the muscles of the back and the muscles of the abdomen. So often, traditional exercise methodologies ignore the muscles of the back and focus on overdeveloping the muscles of the abdomen. To prevent injury and build lasting core strength that will change overall athletic performance forever – the core should be toned using synergistic muscle pairs – core and back, deep and superficial. The Spiral Structure technique breaks exercises into synergistic pairs along the spiral to ensure complete restructuring and toning of the core.

We sculpt muscles while the body is in an optimal fat burning zone, using power yoga flow as an active recovery and muscle lengthening tool. BUTI teaches you to activate core muscles in both the Outer Unit, the large muscles responsible for moving the body, and the Inner Unit, the smaller muscles that stabilize the body. Most workout methodologies overtrain the Outer Unit while ignoring the Inner Unit muscles – we do not. We have a multi-dimensional approach to restructuring the abdominal wall using the Vertical Quadrant, Horizontal Quadrant and Spiral Structure.”

-Bizzie Gold, BUTI Creator butiyoga.com

Buti Yoga and Empowerment

Most yogic systems were developed by men, for men.  While the positive effects of these systems should not be denied, many people crave more circular movement in their yoga practice.  Buti is actually a Marathi Indian word meaning, “The cure to something secret or hidden.”  Many women, and men, respond to Buti as an intense awakening of possibility as the energy that has lay dormant in their hips and pelvis is ignited and set free!  

People that have struggled with forcing themselves to exercise the way they think they are supposed to, discover Buti and discover their love of movement!  Buti is taught in a way to encourage each individual to connect to and enjoy their body, exactly how it is in this moment.  We face ourselves in the mirror, we look at our bodies moving naturally and we find beauty in them.  Buti is about embracing and empowering ourselves.  Buti is about finding our inner-strength as we shake, shimmy, undulate and spiral in ways inherently feminine.  Buti is a true revolution!

When you become a Butisattva, you find yourself surrounded by a loving, supportive tribe.

As a Buti instructor, you will be on the forefront of an exciting, transformational shift in not only the yoga and fitness world, but the global collective consciousness!  You will be able to inspire and guide your students into tapping into that primal, divine feminine shakti energy and witness them awaken and grow before your eyes!  

Buti is a revolutionary movement that is growing worldwide. Because of our growing tribe, strong brand awareness and media presence, you will have the opportunity to tap into a larger community and reach many more students. Buti also attracts a wider demographic than just yoga alone. Fitness enthusiasts, dancers of all backgrounds and people committed to women’s empowerment as well as yogis are attracted to Buti because it is an answer to a deep, soulful calling.  

Hustle and Flow Hosts Buti Yoga Training

BHAKTI IN MOTION is pleased to host the first ever BUTI Yoga Teacher Training program here in Maine!

“As the owner of Hustle and Flow and a Buti Instructor I am honored to be hosting this first time experience in Portland!” ~Stephanie Harmon

The BUTI Yoga Instructor Training program provides you with the opportunity to teach this unique, highly-acclaimed format at gyms and yoga studios worldwide, upon successful completion. We offer a variety of training programs to suit the needs of our growing BUTI Tribe.

Programs offered:

  • BUTI Level 1 – 20 Hour Program * for RYTs or equivalent (5+ years yoga practice as a student)
  • BUTI Level 2 + HOT BUTI – 10 Hour Program
  • Yoga Alliance 200 Hour RYT BUTI Yoga Certification – 200 Hour Program

November 8th & 9th, Bhakti will be hosting BUTI Yoga Level 1 & 2 training here at our studio located in Portland, Maine’s West End neighborhood.

  • Level 1 training will be held 11/8 & 11/9 9:00AM-5:00PM
  • Level 2 training will follow, 11/8 & 11/9 5:30PM-8:30PM

***Level 1 & 2 trainings are only available to certified RYTs or students with equivalent yoga experience (5+ years) that can be documented by a letter from your teachers.

Those already certified in Level 1 may take Level 2.***

BUTI Instructor Trainings are accredited by ACE, AFAA and NASM for continuing education units (CEU). Our 200 Hour RYT program is accredited by Yoga Alliance. Prior teaching certifications are NOT required to register for our 200 Hour RYT program. However, our Level 1, 2 + HOT trainings will only be available to certified RYTs or students with equivalent yoga experience (5+ years)

BUTI Level 1 Instructor Training is an intensive two-day training experience. The course is ideal for yoga and group fitness instructors looking to add fresh new formats for your clients. Our training program teaches BUTI fundamentals, as well as how to build unique class sequencing to suit your specific demographic.

BUTI Level 2 + HOT BUTI® Instructor Training teaches our signature hot sequence with 4 class variations. Students will learn to demonstrate and cue each posture of our HOT BUTI® sequence with modifications for beginners. This class format relays the essence of BUTI while translating it to a heated environment. This class will tone and sculpt the entire body using our Spiral Structure™ technique to activate the muscles of the Inner and Outer Units of the core. This course covers Anatomy & Physiology as it relates to the Sprial Structure™ technique as well as advanced training in Bandha activation and cleansing Kriyas.

Buti Yoga offers in-depth training and follow up sequencing to each certified instructor as well as continuing studio audits and compliance checks. When you make the move to partner with Buti Yoga, we take that partnership seriously. Each studio will be assigned a point of contact to assist in their marketing efforts, class schedule consulting and complementary programs to enhance your membership retention.

Buti Yoga bridges the gap between traditional yoga and high-intensity forms of movement – allowing you to keep your members satisfied with their results without looking elsewhere for supplemental workouts. You will also be able to attract NEW clientele through Buti Yoga PR + SEO efforts. Our classes facilitate student bonding in a unique way that creates a seriously empowered sweat session.

To register for this upcoming training, please visit the BUTI Yoga website at:


(Look for the ‘Certification’ tab)

If you’d like more information, call  310-457-BUTI