August in Portland, Maine is about to get even better!

This month Hustle and Flow will be hosting Victor Varana, an artist, entrepreneur and yogi, coming from Tulum, Mexico.

“I was fortunate to meet Victor on a yoga retreat in what I was sure was paradise. Taking a class with Victor was full spectrum, with drums and chanting, meditation and laughter.  The classes were challenging, but accessible and I am beyond words, happy to be able to share the experiences I had in Victor’s classes with the Portland, Maine community!” 

-Stephanie Harmon, Owner of Hustle and Flow

We’re  thrilled to offer not one but TWO outstanding workshops by Victor Varana. He is a multi-talented yoga instructor who brings enthusiasm, dedication, caring, and fun to all classes. You don’t want to miss this rare treat!!

Words from Victor:

Victor Varana is a multi-talented yoga instructor from Tulum, Mexico. He brings enthusiasm, dedication, caring, and fun to all classes. Here’s a bit more about him, in his own words:

“The way I feel, the way I move into the practice, is that unique way in which the universe has shaped my path.”  

“I got into yoga in the year 2002, got my first certification to teach in 2005, now I’m certified E-RYT 500 with Yoga Alliance and I’ve practiced martial arts ever since being a little kid and have created my own style: KALAM-BALAM & Alquimia Yoga.”

“I’m a pro photographer & designer since 1995 working independently  for people & companies in México and USA. I’m also a business entrepreneur, an art producer & cultural promoter and have directed and produced multidisciplinary art events, like yoga retreats and art festivals at YOGAMULTIMEDIA and at an ONG. As a sound artist, I have performed in different music projects. I love teaching yoga and drag in there all of my talents and passions. I’m also a trained Diver and love to explore the world.”

“After many years of experimenting with many schools and styles of yoga, martial arts and other disciplines, I have found my own practice; a fusion of yoga, meditation, martial arts, philosophies, fine arts, multimedia and ancient culture.” 

What Victor is offering at Hustle and Flow


Saturday, August 22nd 10-12pm

Yoga + Martial Arts designed vinyasa sequence, performed with a very unique and dynamic yoga asana flowing style that combines diverse martial arts techniques and moves. Challenging and fun! The practice will begin with Pranayama Meditation and will end with a therapeutic soothing Savasana guided by Victor’s live healing sounds, throat singing and mantra. A complete yoga experience!

Level : Enthusiastic Learners

Cost: $35
With Autopay Membership: $28

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Self therapy through Asana & Massage  

Sunday, August 23rd 10-1pm

A gentle floor flow, intelligent stretching sequence that opens every door and extends every line. A self administered tai yoga massage following the energetic channels of the body.

Introduced by a Pranayama and mindfulness meditation workshop and followed by live drums, mantra, throat singing sound therapy savasana. We’ll understand how the energy flows through the physical and energetic anatomies and the use of asana to improve it.

The practice will end with a therapeutic soothing Savasana guided by Victor’s live healing sounds, throat singing and mantra.

Level: Enthusiastic Learners

Cost: $55
With Autopay Membership: $44

An action packed Saturday workshop followed by a soothing, grounding and self loving workshop, sounds like the perfect weekend!  
We invite you to come join us at one if not both of these incredible workshops of the mind, body and soul.  Show up, lay down your mat and embark on an all encompassing yoga adventure, like none you’ve ever experienced. 

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